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Raw and Natural

It’s so simple! No added preservatives, no added flavoring, no added coloring, and yet it’s so complex.A pure, natural sweetener prepared by bees from nectar, collected from wild and cultivated flowers.Honey was the first sweetener known to man. It is frequently mentioned in the Bible and depicted in cave paintings from prehistoric times. Early civilizations, like the Greeks and Romans, called honey, “the nectar of the gods”. Archaeologists have even found pots of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs, and it was still good! Click here for a great article about the shelf life of honey.Honey bees were not native to North America; early settlers brought bee colonies to the East Coast States. Native Americans termed them the “white man’s fly”.

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Find us sandwiched between the new Gallery 54 Antiques and Peeple's Orthotics, on the north side of Central. In the little strip mall just east of our favorite mechanics, Expert Auto Center on Central and Old Manor!